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Evan Wang Photography

Creative Portraiture | Fashion | Food | UGC


Evan's journey began in 2017 in the dynamic world of fashion photography, where he honed his craft by blending artistry with commercial appeal. Evan's unique perspective and technical proficiency quickly earned him recognition, leading him to collaborate with brands seeking to elevate their visual narratives.

In addition to his contributions to the fashion industry, Evan has left an indelible mark on the sports arena, particularly through his work with CU Boulder Athletics. Through his lens, he has skillfully captured the essence of athleticism, determination, and team spirit. Evan's versatile portfolio reflects not only his technical prowess but also his ability to understand and enhance the branding visions of the diverse array of clients he collaborates with. With an unwavering passion for storytelling through imagery, Evan Wang continues to push the boundaries of visual creativity, leaving an enduring imprint on every project he undertakes.

Evan's Portfolio

I know how important visual representation is when it comes to trusting a photographer. Take a look at my work to see how your creative vision can be executed through my lens.

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Incredible Collaborations

Over the years, Evan Wang Photography has been privileged to collaborate with many wonderful clients on a number of incredible projects. Read on to discover more about the type of clients putting their trust in Evan Wang Photography.


SS2 Legendary

Streetwear Brand

I partnered with SS2 Legendary, the personal clothing line of Shedeur Sanders to promote his hoodies and apparel.

Circle Roam Logo Jpeg.jpg

ROAM Boulder

Fashion Magazine

Evan served on the Editorial Board for one year as the Director of Photography, organizing creative photoshoots, overseeing photo quality and consistency, and producing timeless fashion imagery.


Life Is Better Outside

Outdoor Games Product Branding

When Evan Wang Photography 2.0 was approached by Life Is Better Outside, they knew they would create something special together. Life Is Better Outside is a well known outdoor games company and Evan helped create a stellar brand image for multiple lines of games with high quality product photos that are used as packaging imagery as well as marketing assets.

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